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2020 Hype

A report from Microsoft Research called 2020 Science got a lot of press this week: Nature seems to think it’s the biggest story of the year so far, and The Economist gave it three full columns. Sadly, amidst the gush about how computers are revolutionizing science, no one mentions that most scientists have no idea how reliable their programs are—in fact, most scientists don’t even know how they would figure that out [1,2]. If someone submitting a paper to Nature said, “We didn’t calibrate the equipment, we didn’t write down the settings, and we have no idea what the error bars on our graphs should be,” their work would be bounced without a second thought. Unless computational scientists decide to live up to those standards, the “revolution” that 2020 Science describes will be a long time coming.

[1] “Where’s the Real Bottleneck in Scientific Computing?”

[2] “Computational Science Demands a New Paradigm”.


Written by Greg Wilson

2006/03/26 at 19:00

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Web Server Programming Lecture Is Up

The lecture on server-side programming is up: if you think it should be split into two parts, please let me know. That leaves only three to go (XML, security, and integration).

And by this time on Thursday, we’ll be in Lima, Peru…

Written by Greg Wilson

2006/03/06 at 12:04

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Client-Side Web Programming Lecture

The Software Carpentry lecture on client-side web programming is now up (sans diagrams). Comments and corrections welcome.

Written by Greg Wilson

2006/03/03 at 14:41

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Last Two Lectures Are Up

The last two lectures in the Software Carpentry course are up:

(where “last” means “last in delivery order”, not “last to be revised”). They’re both fairly rough right now, so high-level feedback would be more useful than pointers to typos.

Written by Greg Wilson

2006/03/02 at 14:49

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