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Last Two Lectures Are Up

The last two lectures in the Software Carpentry course are up:

(where “last” means “last in delivery order”, not “last to be revised”). They’re both fairly rough right now, so high-level feedback would be more useful than pointers to typos.


Written by Greg Wilson

2006/03/02 at 14:49

Posted in Lectures, Version 3

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  1. Greg, I think both lectures are great. The one on teamware is a gem in my opinion. Not many people are aware of the huge productivity increase they’ll experience when they start using a tool such as Trac or DrProject. If I were you, I’d turn this into a blog entry in itself 🙂

    One observation regarding the summary: I think it would be worthwhile to mention continuous integration tools such as buildbot. GvR himself publicized buildbot during his PyCon keynote this year. For the Agile Testing tutorial, we found buildbot extremely valuable for rapid and public feedback. We set buildbot up to run absolutely all our automated tests, of all types. It even builds documentation for us, from docstrings and doctests. I can’t recommend it highly enough 🙂


    Grig Gheorghiu

    2006/03/02 at 21:38

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