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Scientific Groupware Revisited

Nature would like “to hear from physicists what kind of tools would help in managing the ever-growing tide of information from, and the exciting possibilities of, the internet.”  (I presume scientists in lesser disciplines will be asked to chip in at a later date ;-).  It will be interesting to see how much (if anything) has changed since Jon Udell wrote “Internet Groupware for Scientific Collaboration” eight years ago.


Written by Greg Wilson

2008/02/26 at 07:06

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O’Reilly Creating a Web Version of Mathematica

According to this press release, O’Reilly is partnering with Wolfram Research to create a Web 2.0 version of Mathematica that will “be browser accessible and, utilizing AJAX technologies, will emulate the desktop version of the software with remarkable fidelity”.  I’ll be very interested to see how they handle equations (MathML isn’t well supported) and grahpics (IE7 doesn’t do SVG, so what, Flash? Silverlight?).

Written by Greg Wilson

2008/02/20 at 12:04

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Grumpy Minds Think Alike

Ned Gulley pointed me at this talk by fellow-Mathworkser Steve Eddins that hits a lot of the same core ideas as Software Carpentry.  Time to convert SC to a wiki, I think, and start pushing it again…

Written by Greg Wilson

2008/02/14 at 08:40

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SciBarCamp in Toronto March 15-16

SciBarCamp is weekend unconference for scientists, artists, and technologists. The goal is to create connections between science, entrepreneurs and local businesses, and arts and culture. I think this is a great idea, and wish I could attend (I already have a plane ticket for SIGCSE in Portland); it’s free, but there is only space for around 100 people, so please register by sending an email to Jen Dodd.

Feb 17: Tim O’Reilly comments.

Written by Greg Wilson

2008/02/02 at 14:50

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