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Design Patterns in Scientific Software

This paper, via the OpenScience Project, is a couple of years old, but a good step in an interesting direction.


Written by Greg Wilson

2006/07/30 at 16:55

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The Parallel Tools Platform

The Parallel Tools Platform is an open source extension to Eclipse for writing, running, and debugging large parallel programs. This tutorial gives an overview of what it can do (with lots of pretty pictures); this article from CiSE goes into more detail. The lack of decent development tools (particularly debuggers) was one of the reasons I left parallel computing a decade ago; PTP almost looks nice enough to tempt me back into the pool…

Written by Greg Wilson

2006/07/20 at 16:13

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Software Carpentry 3.0

I am pleased to announce the release of Software Carpentry 3.0 (Final). The web site is up, the mailing lists have been populated, all the tickets have been moved into the project’s Trac, and I’ve submitted a proposal for a wrap-up talk to SciPy’06. It’s taken 18 months to complete instead of the 10 I originally planned, but I have a green light to teach the course again this winter at the University of Toronto, and hope that others will pick the course up elsewhere.

Written by Greg Wilson

2006/07/14 at 10:49

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