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Another Sighting of Software Carpentry

Tiziano Zito is teaching Software Carpentry in Berlin.  I admit I’m biased, but I think that’s pretty cool 😉  Traffic on the site is holding steady as well — wish I had time to go back and update the notes…

SWC Traffic


Written by Greg Wilson

2007/09/25 at 12:47

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Openness and (the promise of) XML

Over at O’Reilly, people are gloating about ISO’s decision not to ratify Microsoft’s OOXML document “standard”.  At the same time, Jon Udell is saying much more interesting things about what smart document formats could do for the sciences.  To quote him quoting Clifford Lynch, “Scientific literature that is computed upon, not merely read by humans.”

Written by Greg Wilson

2007/09/05 at 12:50

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