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I’m slightly obsessed with reading lists. (I even maintain a list of books that haven’t been written yet, in the hope that it will inspire people to turn some of the entries from fantasy into reality.) Partly to give credit to all the people whose work inspired Software Carpentry, and partly to guide students who want to learn more than we can fit into a double dozen lectures, I have started a bibliography, and added links to relevant books to the lecture descriptions in the course outline. Pointers to other material would be very welcome; I will blog soon about areas that I feel are particularly lacking.


Written by Greg Wilson

2010/03/28 at 20:25

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  1. Footnote: in response to a couple of emails, yes, several books on the recommended reading list are mine. This isn’t to imply that I think they’re better than anyone else’s (*cough* *cough*). Instead, it was while writing one of them (Practical Parallel Programming) that I realized scientists needed to learn software development skills before tackling massively parallel anything, and two others (Data Crunching and Practical Programming) grew out of the first three versions of the Software Carpentry course.

    Greg Wilson

    2010/03/30 at 20:31

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