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Was Designed To, But Didn’t

Michael Clarke has written a thoughtful post exploring why the web hasn’t disrupted scientific publishing, even though it was designed to do exactly that.

Written by Greg Wilson

2010/01/18 at 17:35

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  1. “was designed to but didn’t. . .” An interesting thought and there is a sidelight. Berners-Lee has told the story of the WWW and that it was written in REXX on a CMS IBM-3084, I think it was(?). Question: why is REXX now ignored on the web. It’s available on any machine because versions are written in plain Bell Labs ‘C’.
    (A disclosure is in order.) I’m trying to develop something like ‘software carpentry’ in REXX for REXX project development at a small local college.

    My Philosophy on Teaching/Learning: If you do it, you remember it forever. You don’t forget how to tie a shoe-lace, swim, ride a bike — if you do it you remember it forever AND you can teach others.

    Thanks and Enjoy your day,

    Bob Hamilton
    Richardson, Texas

    DR R L Hamilton

    2010/01/31 at 18:41

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