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Improving the way scientists use computers isn’t just about making them more productive: it’s also essential to defending the integrity of their work. Stories like this one about a researcher struggling in vain for three years to replicate someone else’s results can only undermine public confidence at a time when we need to make a lot of hard decisions in a hurry. Sadly, we have no one to blame but ourselves…

Later: see also Victoria Stodden’s post.


Written by Greg Wilson

2009/11/26 at 11:58

Posted in Noticed, Opinion

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  1. I think this is what they call a “teachable moment”.


    2009/11/27 at 19:40

  2. […] @ 8:01 pm First it was pharma companies withholding “unhelpful” data, then it was ClimateGate, and now there’s this: One of the founders of the controversial ‘Baby Einstein’ range of […]

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