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Entrance Requirements

Our rough guide to what students should know before taking this course is now on the Prerequisites page. If you don’t feel confident you know this material, but still want to take the course in July, please let us know: we’re organizing some tutorial sessions in May and June.


Written by Greg Wilson

2009/05/04 at 12:38

Posted in Alberta, Toronto, Version 3

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  1. Do you have a link to a place one could download some sample files?
    or a tar ball (zip file) of them?
    Perhaps in a couple of different formats..
    whitespace separated

    Jonathan David

    2009/05/05 at 03:57

  2. As I thought on this a little, it seems to me that this course was acutally presented at pretty basic level. – I’m not sure that problem two would actually fit my understanding of the requirement.
    (at least not for the python version of the class I read thru a while ago)

    Actually there are a number of important requirements that ought to be explicit:
    1. be able to start and login to the computer to be used for the class.
    2. be able to get a listing of the top directory of the computer’s filesystem, and the top directory of the filesystem owned by the user logged in (ie Home or “My Documents”).
    3. be able to find the HELP information on some key programs. (ie help more or man more)
    4. know how to open, edit and save a file with at least one editor-like application: notepad, excel, vi, nedit;
    5. be able to solve problem 1 ie using a spreadsheet formula.
    6. be able to solve problem 2 using a spreadsheet application.

    otherwise if you just want to weed out the “non-programmers” for this specific class, why not:
    Be able to produce a listing of a computer program that you wrote from scratch in a prior class that solved a problem at least as complicated as problem 1 or 2:
    a static web page (hmtl file) does not count.

    Jonathan David

    2009/05/05 at 04:25

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