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Cameron Neylon on the Three Opens

Cameron Neylon has another good post up, this one on open data, open source, and open process. Like many advocates of open science, he feels he has to choose between using open source software on one hand, and getting more science done on the other.  I sympathize, especially since my colleagues and I have to choose what to use and not use in the July 2009 run of the Software Carpentry course.

Written by Greg Wilson

2009/04/03 at 01:17

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  1. I think much of the problem is Glass’s Law: Any new tool will make you less productive at first, even if it’s a better tool.

    For the class I designed (which included a Software Carpentry module), I got to pick the best tool (Python) as I didn’t assume that people already knew any given language. If there was a huge crowd who already knew Mathematica or Matlab, then that crowd might have protested more.


    2009/04/09 at 13:41

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