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Why Don’t We Do This?

Source Code for Biology and Medicine is a peer-reviewed journal from BioMed Central devoted to, well, source code for biology and medicine. It’s been around for at least a couple of years; based on a quick scan of four of their most popular papers, they seem to cover everything from getting and installing software to its numerical properties, user interface, and typical applications. This is very cool—but why isn’t there something like this for computer science? All I can think of are Software: Practice & Experience and The Journal of Systems and Software, both of which are one meta removed from SCBM.


Written by Greg Wilson

2008/05/21 at 12:00

Posted in Community, Opinion

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  1. Fascinating — what’s its impact factor, i.e. is there any short-term career advantage to me publishing there?

    For another CS/graphics journal, see


    Titus Brown

    2008/06/12 at 11:06

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