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An article about computational science in a scientific publication is not the scholarship itself, it is merely advertising of the scholarship. The actual scholarship is the complete software development environment and the complete set of instructions which generated the figures.

David L. Donoho, WaveLab and Reproducible Research, 1995, p. 5.

(via Andrew Lumsdaine)


Written by Greg Wilson

2008/03/26 at 08:37

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  1. Good reason as to why such scholarship should be released under free licenses, software scholarship or otherwise.

    Blaise Alleyne

    2008/03/26 at 16:29

  2. Thanks for the interesting pointer.
    I’ve written some thoughts here:

    Mark Dewing

    2008/04/06 at 01:11

  3. […] the idea of reproducible research, I stumbled over I-SPOC while looking through Google Summer of Code stuff. From their pitch: The […]

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