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New Security Lecture Up

A new lecture on security is up. It has changed a lot from the hash I presented in the fall; feedback would be very, very welcome.

Written by Greg Wilson

2006/04/05 at 14:59

Posted in Lectures, Version 3

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  1. Greg, I thought you covered the Web-related aspects of security very well.

    Maybe you can add a section or two on secure coding practices? This is where all the security bugs come from in the end 🙂 I’d mention buffer overflows and format string errors as 2 main sources of coding errors, at least in low-level languages such as C.

    Wikipedia has good coverage of buffer overflows, with links to more in-depth articles:

    It also has *some* coverage of format string attacks:


    Grig Gheorghiu

    2006/04/05 at 15:26

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