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Programming Style Lecture Has Been Revised

The Software Carpentry lecture on programming style has been revised. Comments on this would be particularly welcome, as it’s substantially different from what I delivered last fall.

Written by Greg Wilson

2006/01/23 at 15:30

Posted in Lectures, Version 3

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  1. Looking good. Here’s a few pieces of feedback.

    The contents of the table with Rule, Good, Bad don’t work if you print the document out, since the spaces merge. You could use a small gif to show what changes?

    I enjoyed the What Does This Function Do section.

    Other sources of documentation: if the code is from an open source project, then Google for it.

    I disagree about embedding version control information in files. The argument is that this is metadata, just like the length of the file or its name, and that such metadata is best kept separately from the contents of the file.

    The use of a tag in a version control system is to label a number of files at a meaningful moment, and the tag can appear with a release, rather than exposing the version of every file.

    By all means add this information to generated files (object or processed data), so that you can later recreate the chain of actions that produced the files.

    In the case of CVS, version numbers also make merging harder.


    Matt Doar

    2006/01/26 at 17:24

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