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Software Carpentry notes are up

I put an alpha version of the notes for the Software Carpentry course [1] on-line yesterday. Now, I’m looking for a way to convert them into a single PDF document, so that reviewers can download them in one shot. I’ve found some open source tools that don’t do style sheets, and some commercial tools that’ll do one page at a time, for money, but nothing so far that strikes me as being any better than “printing” with PDFCreator, one page at a time. Given that there are 31 pages, this is tedious enough that I’d like to find an alternative…

[1] The course on basic software development skills for scientists and engineers that I’m writing for the Python Software Foundation.


Written by Greg Wilson

2005/07/08 at 17:24

Posted in Lectures, Version 2

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  1. cat them all into a single html file and then print to a pdf. Trivial if you’re on a Mac 🙂 Otherwise, set up a fake printer that prints to a (pdf) file.

    Firefox does a good job even with multiple html blocks.

    Miles Thibault

    2005/07/09 at 02:03

  2. I second Miles: pass it to someone with a Mac and ask them to print as PDF.

    Simon Willison

    2005/07/09 at 07:47

  3. I think (from further clarifying email with Greg), that what he has is actually 31 different HTML files, and wants each one to be on its own page, so catting them all into a single HTML file wouldn’t work, unless there was some way of specifying where to insert the breaks.

    Blake Winton

    2005/07/11 at 10:49

  4. Your blog skin is really awesome. Is that a WordPress skin? Where did you get it?


    2005/07/12 at 07:45

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