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Day 3

Day 3 of the course—we did sets and dictionaries in the morning (glossing over the handwaving in the notes about computational complexity, since Francois Pitt is going to cover that properly later), and then Paul Gries showed students some basic image processing. Students found the morning exercise challenging, but seemed to be getting lots out of it. The visit to the pub this evening was still quite welcome, though :-). Tomorrow, Karen Reid is introducing them to the Unix shell; we’ll let you know how it goes.

Written by Greg Wilson

2009/07/16 at 01:44

Posted in Alberta, Toronto, Version 3

Day 2

After three Python lectures yesterday, we slowed down a bit today and looked at a pair of tools every professional programmer relies on: symbolic debuggers and version control systems. Paul Lu covered the former topic using WingIDE; Ken Bauer covered the latter using the SmartSVN GUI for Subversion.  Working in pairs seems to agree with the students, though as is so often the case, installing and configuring tools is often more work than actually using them.  We’ll look at Python’s sets and dictionaries tomorrow morning, then Paul Gries will give a quick introduction to image processing in the afternoon.

Written by Greg Wilson

2009/07/15 at 00:58

Posted in Alberta, Toronto, Version 3

Aaaand They’re Off!

We had our first lecture this morning, and the students are working on their first exercises right now in pairs. You can follow progress at

Written by Greg Wilson

2009/07/13 at 15:52

Posted in Alberta, Toronto, Version 3

See You Monday!

We’re all set up and ready to roll!  We decided in the end not to record audio or video for this set of lectures, but we’ll be posting updates to the lecture notes as we go along.  I look forward to meeting our students on Monday…

Written by Greg Wilson

2009/07/10 at 11:08

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Registration for July 29 Talks is Now Open

As part of this summer’s run of the course, we have organized an afternoon of public talks from a stellar lineup of speakers. The event is free, but registration is required, and you can now sign up at  The talks will run 1-6 pm on Wednesday, July 29, and will be followed by a wine and cheese.  For details, including speaker bios and abstracts for their talks, see the “Guest Speakers” page at

Written by Greg Wilson

2009/07/04 at 23:56

Posted in Alberta, Toronto, Version 3

Topics and Schedule

A draft schedule for the July 13-31 offering of the course is now available.  We’d welcome your feedback: does this order make sense, are there topics we’ve included that you don’t care about, have we left out anything really important (and if so, what should we drop to make room for it), etc.

Written by Greg Wilson

2009/06/24 at 11:18

Posted in Alberta, Toronto, Version 3


Peter Saffrey sent email from Glasgow last week to say that he’d run a one-day course based on Software Carpentry.  If you see other uses, please let us know—we’d be happy to link to them.

Written by Greg Wilson

2009/06/15 at 18:31

Posted in Glasgow

Software Carpentry in Edmonton July 13-31

Registration is now open for students wishing to do Software Carpentry in Edmonton July 13-31. The course will be co-taught with its counterpart in Toronto, though the Edmonton edition is only open to graduate students and post-docs at Alberta institutions. For more information, please see the full announcement.

Written by Greg Wilson

2009/06/02 at 18:16

Posted in Alberta, Version 3

Two Spots Left in Toronto

There are only two spots left for the Toronto offering of the course July 13-31. As announced earlier, graduate students from anywhere in Canada are welcome to aplply, and we can provide up to $1500 in support for travel and accommodation costs for out-of-town students. If you are interested, please contact Greg Wilson.

Written by Greg Wilson

2009/06/02 at 15:50

Posted in Toronto, Version 3

Topics and Schedule Posted

We’ve put up a list of the topics we intend to cover, and the order in which we intend to cover them.  It’s very provisional; we’ll update it regularly, and your comments would be very welcome.

Written by Greg Wilson

2009/05/06 at 13:26


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